Artists Design for Freedom

The following posters were designed by local artists to raise awareness for CNY Freedom Makers and human trafficking.  The artist’s designs and statements give you a glimpse into how learning about this issue moved them in their designs.  All proceeds from the sale of these posters will go towards the CNY Freedom Makers campaign with IJM.

What will inspire you?  How will you take action?  Imagine and share with us!


Joshua Skibbee

“After doing further research on this topic I discovered a fact stating that 3,287 people are sold or kidnapped into slavery everyday.  Meaning, that about 136 people are forced into human trafficking per hour.  That fact stuck with me and made me want to not only give my audience the statistic, but have them visualize it as well to further the impact of the message.”

Noelle Sippel

My concept for this poster was to raise awareness that human trafficking really does still exist. I believe that part of the problem with our society and problems, such as human trafficking, is that if the problem is not something that we see with our own eyes, we either ignore it or stay blissfully ignorant. I believe that the CNY Freedom Makers mission is great and that raising awareness is the first step. I decided to use type as illustration for my piece and use a play on words with shadow that “Just because you don’t see it- doesn’t mean it’s not there.” My concept is focusing on the fact that human trafficking does exist, whether we, as a society, want to believe it or not. I chose to make “still exists” stand out as a way to call attention to the necessity of people becoming aware of this situation and that they can help make a difference.

Jessica Lacelle

 I was inspired by the posters that came out of France in the late 1960’s during the student rebellions. I tried to maintain that grungy stencil style with my poster. I also wanted to create a poster that showed by speaking up, and creating awareness, we can help victims of modern slavery break free from a life of servitude. I used a bright background and bold imagery for a high contrast piece that will easily get people’s attention.

Paul Roberts

My work attempts to encapsulate the sheer magnitude of the problem at hand with human trafficking. In my research, I found that roughly 29 million people are currently enslaved worldwide, which is a staggering amount. From there, I wanted to give viewers a way to understand the size of 29 million people. I discovered that the 15 most populated cities in the United States combined still comes up about half a million short of that number. I thought this a fitting comparison to try and imagine if every citizen of all those cities was instead a slave somewhere in the world. With that idea in mind, one can start to think about how large of a problem human trafficking really is.

Kathryn Wheeler

As a whole, this poster is minimalist and direct. The concept is that too many people are being bought and sold like worthless objects and if you were in that position you would want someone to save you.   The bar code over the silhouette of the abstract figure symbolizes the idea of a person being treated as just another object that you can buy. I placed the number 27,000,000 to make the image appear more like a bar code. The price tag is to balance the layout and give the poster some weight, while backing up the idea of people being bought. The simple question is to make the viewer think if it something were to happen to them, they would want help. The website and logo finalize the poster and leave the viewer wanting to learn more.

Vin Halsey

 I wanted to do this poster to raise awareness about human trafficking and combat sex trafficking. I am deeply influenced by the simplistic designs of posters. I think a poster with very few element can be just as affective as a photograph. My statement “humans are not products” will make someone think. What do you so with products? Buy, use and discard. Humans are treated like this all over the world, to me there is something wrong with that.
Mitzie Testani

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