Fayetteville Information Meeting

CNY Freedom Makers meeting at the Fayetteville Library was very inspiring and informative.  Those who attended walked away with a greater understanding of the modern day slavery issue and inspired to join us as CNY Freedom Makers.

One of those in attendance last week, Rochelle, is an artist and is networking with one of our CNY Freedom Makers team member, Emma,  to pursue an idea that will engage and inspire the artist community to join the campaign.  They are setting up a meeting to discuss a Poster Project that will invite local artists to create posters bringing awareness to the issue of slavery/sex trafficking.  These posters would then be displayed in a local show or gallery.  Posters would be available for purchase to help fund the justice initiative with IJM.

This is just one of the ideas generated from the Fayetteville meeting that is taking shape.  What are your ideas?  How will you invite and inspire your organization or relational network?

Next steps:

Invite someone to join the movement.  We are planning 2 more informational meetings for those who missed last week’s meeting.  Check back here for the day/times/locations as they are finalized.  If you want to present the CNY Freedom Makers campaign and an overview of IJM’s work to your organization or a few key leaders we would be happy to join your meeting and help you.  Contact us at cnyfreedommakers@gmail.com and let’s plan how to best engage your group.

Begin to plan an event or fundraiser within your organization to raise awareness and funds for our CNY Freedom Maker Campaign with International Justice Mission (IJM).  We hope to have a series of events, fundraisers, initiatives, speakers scheduled from October 1 thru December 31.  Whether these are large or small they will help inform, activate and resource change.  Share your  ideas and plans with us!

Stay informed and share your ideas/plans.  Follow on Twitter @CNYFreedom, Like on Facebook: CNY Freedom Makers, and subscribe to the site here at cnyfreedommakers.org to receive updates.

“True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


CNY Freedom Makers

Resources available online:

Shorter version of the DVD ‘The End of Slavery’

International Justice Mission website

Electronic issue fact sheets, client stories or news updates

Loose Change to Loosen Chains:   This is a program originally designed for youth to raise funds through collecting change. It can be used for any age group.

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