How the Money Will Be Used

CNY Freedom Maker is partnering with International Justice Mission (IJM) a well respect human rights agency.  To learn more about IJM go here.

IJM is dedicated to providing a continuum of care for victims of sex trafficking, and support from the Central New York Freedom Maker Campaign to the IJM sex trafficking offices in Manila, Philippines will help provide a variety of services from beginning to end for our clients:

  1. You will help send undercover investigators into brothels to collect evidence to show police where young girls are being offered for sale for sex.
  2. You will then help send rescue teams of IJM personnel and police to rescue these girls.
  3. You will help provide IJM social workers to walk with the victims during counseling and recovery.
  4. You will help fund IJM lawyers to build cases against the pimps and traffickers that abused these children.

To give you an idea of how much justice costs, below is a list of activities with the average costs to the offices:

  • $1,200 –aftercare packages for forty trafficking survivors
  • $1,800 –forty days of undercover investigations to locate girls and women trapped in brothels
  • $6,000 –an undercover surveillance system that is used to locate girls and women trapped in brothels
  • $6,000 -a rescue operation of victims held in a brothel
  • $8,880 –medical care for forty IJM clients
  • $12,000 –fifteen hours of counseling for forty IJM clients
  • $35,000 –two national lawyers for one year
  • $36,000 –six rescue operations to release girls and women from forced prostitution

$100,000 can bring a comprehensive justice initiative to a community and individuals oppressed by the sex trafficking industry.  One community of Freedom Makers in Central New York impacting one community in Manila, Philippines to bring justice.

Donate now or rally your friends to consider giving:

$30 – an aftercare package for one trafficking survivor
$45 – one day of undercover investigation
$220 – medical care for an IJM client
$300 – 15 hours of counseling for an IJM client
$6,000 – a rescue operation
$6,000 – an undercover surveillance system
$17,500 – one national lawyer for one year