Imagine Justice

Just 6 days ago we launched and announced to CNY our goal of raising $100,000 to bring justice to a community in the Philippines.  We challenged you to imagine how you could invite your friends, co-workers, school mates and neighbors to come alongside you in the journey. What does an imagination for justice look like in the hands of your fellow CNY’ers?

  • Cazenovia College students making their own t-shirts to sell on campus
  • An IJM Student Chapter birthed at Syracuse University (follow on Twitter @ijmatsu or contact at:
  • Red Solo Cups being repurposed for good around the area to collect Loose Change
  • An extended family discussing how they can raise the funding for aftercare for victims of sex trafficking  ($520)
  • A group of SU athletes challenging other SU athletes to raise funding for a brothel raid ($6,000)
  • A group of resettled refugees on our city’s Northside planning to make and sell jewelry, clothing, food to help those who are oppressed

All this within the past 6 days!  Our legacy as abolitionists has been reawakened here in Central New York.  We have been stirred to action.  Called to be courageous.  Inspired and reminded that WE are the solution.

Where has your imagination taken you in this journey of justice?

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