Open House Reflections

CNY Freedom Makers are finding many ways to be involved, bring awareness and raise funds for freedom.  The Worthingtons held an Open House at their Historic Home last weekend.  Friends and neighbors provided baked goods to sell during the open house.  They shared their home, their time and the cause and raised a total of $865 towards freedom in our justice initiative.

Read Juliane’s thoughts below:

Getting to our house took a long time. We’d been married thirteen years, moved fourteen times, from North to South, East to West and even across the Atlantic. After our third son was born my husband changed jobs and we got ready to move again. This was the start of a very horrible and disappointing two-year process of buying our first home. By the time we got to the house on the hill we were weak, hopeless and in desperate need of a rest. That’s when I saw the sign: “Cape Cod Cottage—Used to shield slaves during the Civil War.” It was love at first sight! This was my safe haven, my place of shielding and rest. The history overwhelmed me as we toured the house, and by the time we got to the upstairs closet and saw the slave hold I was in tears. I could not believe that I could be a part of this powerful part of history. I felt like every cry and prayer I’d muttered for the last two years led me here to this place.

I knew that this house was a not only a gift to me, but to my friends, family and anyone we could share it with. So when my friend Kathy asked me to use the house to promote awareness about CNY Freedom Makers and their mission to rescue slaves and fight for freedom across the globe, we got a group of friends and neighbors together to help us make it happen. We hosted a simple open house with a tour and refreshments—giving folks an opportunity to learn about human trafficking, local history and a chance to give what they could to free a child, or teenage girl from the bonds of slavery.

This house has reminded me that everything we own and possess, even our talents and connections, are all gifts entrusted to us to be shared and multiplied among those we know and even those halfway around the world we’ve never met. Sharing what we have inspires other to do the same. The effect is unstoppable, powerful and freeing. What is your gift and how will you share it? 

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